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The benchmark of BMX Race. The Kudos Pro is Kenda's latest BMX race tire which features a smooth fast-rolling center and micro-knobs for grippy shoulders. The lightest version weighs only 324 grams, making the Kudos an excellent choice for racing.

Kudos Pro BMX race tire developed for World Champions, Olympians and National Champions worldwide, so be sure to shop these maximum performance BMX tires today!

  • Single Tread rubber compound designed for speed on today's demanding BMX tracks
  • 120 tpi, lightweight casing and folding beads allow for snappy acceleration
  • Front and Rear application
  • Folding Bead


TUBELESS AND TOUGH Kenda Sidewall Casing Technology (SCT) is the modification of existing Kenda tire construction methods. By adding an additional sheet of Nylon fabric across the sidewall of the tire, from bead up to tread block, it results in the optimization of the tire construction for fluid based tubeless conversion systems. Additionally, the SCT construction increases the structural strength of sidewalls; bolstering resistance to slices and abrasions, helping reduce the chance of catastrophic damage that fluid sealants cannot seal.


Best for Dry Pavement.


Best for Hard Pack and Dry Terrain.

TPI: 120

PSI: 100

WEIGHT: 324g (+-19)

Kenda Kudos Pro

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