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The Kompact Race has a smooth and directional surface with an inverted tread design. This particular design was designed to excel on both smooth and hard pack tracks as well as tracks with loose top soil. We build the larger Kompact Race tires with Iron Cap Belt so you can inflate up to 100psi and save some weight using a Aramid folding bead. Traction will never be an issue with the Kompact Race as it too is built with Dual Tread Compound (DTC).

  • Multiple rows of triangular shaped knobs are lightweight and fast
  • Now available in wire and folding bead versions
  • Directional tread for both front and rear use
  • Wire Bead


The original dual tread rubber compound for Kenda. A hard long lasting and fast rolling rubber (60sA) comprises the center of the tread area, while a softer-tackier should rubber (50sA) completes this binary compound for the versatility of speed and grip off road. Found typically on cross country, all-mountain and cyclocross tires.

PRC 2 (PRC2)

Puncture resistant casing material, utilizing Iron Cap beneath the tread of the tire only.


Best for Dry Pavement.


Best for Hard Pack and Dry Terrain.

TPI: 60

PSI: 100



20x1-3/8: 290g (+-15)

20x1-1/8: 280g (+-15)

Kenda Kompact Pro

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